Myrtles Plantation Website Analysis

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The Myrtles Plantation is well known for being considered one of the most haunted placed in America. The plantation’s own website caters to people who only care about the mysterious hauntings that occur on the site. What was once a large plantation, is now a bed and breakfast for ghost hunting tourists. So the website mostly provide images of the grounds, and stories about the apparitions. The images presented let us see how beautiful the property is both on the inside and on the outside. On the outside, it seems like a general Louisiana style plantation, but the inside is a lot of luxurious. The inside is a Venetian style home, different colored rooms (one being green and gold, while another being cream, green and brown). The interior of the house seems to have been renovated to appear as if…show more content…
All of the furniture resembles something that would be seen in the past, and it just adds to the beauty of the plantation; during the day at least. At night, or through photos, the plantation takes brings a sense of fear to almost all who visit. Having strange occurrences, having people appear in photos, and more. Unfortunately, the website does not address the reasons why ghosts of slaves are appearing. They only explain that the ghosts that are appearing in photos are those of the former slaves from the plantation. Thus, the website does not provide sufficient information about slavery. Out of curiosity, I had to use a second source to find more information about the history of the plantation. According to my second source, “since the Myrtles was built by David Bradford in 1794, it has allegedly been the sire of the scene of at least ten murders” (Troy &
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