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Mysterious Black Cat Tattoos – Are They Good Or Evil?

Are these elegant animals a symbol of bad luck? Or do they actually bring good fortune? And why do people choose to have a black cat tattoo? Let’s start by finding out a little about societies history with cats, particularly the black ones.
They’ve been worshiped by some and persecuted by others but cats have remained close to humans for thousands of years. Egyptians loved them so much that they called them “caute” which means favorite pet. Black cats were worshiped in Egypt because they were believed to have been an extension of the cat goddess Bast and killing them was considered a crime that was punishable by death.
In ancient Roman times, it was advantageous to have a housecat, they were believed to bring good fortune and grant domestic peace within the residence.
But then came the Middle Ages. In this time there was much religious persecution and people confused pagan
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Cats with Witches – Cats have long been associated with witches and it’s common to find them riding a broomstick along with a witch in a tattoo design.
Cats and Moon – Because of their association with the moon goddess a fashionable design shows a large crescent moon with a cat sitting inside.
Silhouettes – Flash art tattoos (generic designs found on the walls of a tattoo parlor) often depict cats in silhouettes in a variety of poses from sitting to running and even “sliding” down.
Arched Back – A black cat with an arched back is commonly associated with the Anarchism and those who have this political preference may choose to have a tattoo with this image to represent their allegiances and beliefs.
Hyper-realistic – These designs are highly detailed and often show the face of a black cat.
Watercolor – Black cats make beautiful subjects for watercolor style tattoos where the artist will use a variety of black and gray inks.
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