Mystery And Suspense In The Westing Game By Ellen Raskin

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The Westing Game, a mystery novel that introduces many different doubtful characters and takes you into the scene of 16 different personalities along one of them is ‘supposed’ to be a murder. Sam Westing, a dead millionaire who is supposed to have been eliminated by a murder. Ellen Raskin gives you the feeling of mystery and suspense. This creates an absorbing mood for the reader to have. The author uses very specific language which makes the reader ponder, and develop more detailed questions. The westing Game, has made me build lower as well as higher level questions. It is important to have a variety of both. Once you have less ‘main’ questions it gives you a bass understanding, which is a critical concept to have. Additionally, once you have the need of less close questions it helps construct higher quality questions. Creating questions and observations has been one of the main focus for me. Since, The Westing Game, is a very demanding book you have plenty of ‘ah’ moments. These are important to have because they help you discover, imaginate, and understand the book a little better. Asking questions has made my close reading improve. Ellen Raskin helped me understand that it is important to have both high and low questions. Ellen Raskin uses quantities of figurative devices. On a different note, this is one of the main reasons why I like this book so much. Subsequently, one of the main crafts the author uses is figurative language. I think one of the reasons why she
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