Mystery Of Ignorance Exter Research Paper

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Mystery of Lorance Exter Today we will be discussing the mystery of Lorance Exter. Lorance Exeter is in the hollywood hospital my prediction is he is having a baby. The reason I believe this is because his previous purchases are at a baby shop. Then after that on October 1903 He had gone to pay a doctor for giving them a baby. Then his next purchase took place on December 19th 1903 he went to a toy shop so he probably getting his son a christmas present.Then he had laid low for 6 years. Then he had paid a military school probably to send his boy there so he would have disap lean on August 26th 1915. Then he had bought a car in september 3 1921. Then a few days later he paid an auto repair shop so my hypothesis is he had got in an accident.

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