Textual Analysis Of Jonah

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a show which has been making fun of the almost bottomless supplies of terrible B-movies since 1988. The name Jonah is a significant piece in the puzzle to understanding this theory Now, the naming convention for Mystery Science Theater 3000 host has been keeping the first name of the actor and either keeping their last name (as is the case with Mike Nelson) or changing it to a media significant name (such as Joel Hodgson to Joel Robinson and Jonah Ray to Jonah Heston). Therefore it is not correct to say the names were chosen to emanate a set of qualities, but rather that a set of qualities was chosen to emanate a name. Most people are familiar with the biblical story of Jonah. In the first chapter of…show more content…
These are Joel Robinson, who shares a first name with Jonah’s fellow minor prophet, and Mike or Michael, who shares a name with the archangel. Let’s first examine Joel. To the casual viewer, the biblical Joel and Joel Robinson appear to have nothing alike seeing as Joel the the prophet is quite vocally perturbed at the impending disaster that the Lord will bring upon the people while Joel Robinson is characterised by being deadpan. However, I would like to point out a couple of instances where the Bible and Mystery Science Theater 3000 show some similarities. For example, in chapter 2 of the Book of Joel, he says that everyone must fast and pray, even the elderly and the children who would normally been exempted from these activities to help save the populace. In Mystery Science Theater 3000, Joel builds the robots to accompany him into the theater. These robots are exempted from the mad scientist needs of the experiments, but they help save Joel from the tortures of watching terrible movies alone. The building of the robots reminds me of a line in the fourth chapter of Joel; “Beat your plowshares into swords, and your knives into spears…” (Joel 4:10.) This is similar to the process used to create the robots; Joel uses basically a remote (the “special parts” that would have helped Joel to “control where the movie begins or ends”), a peaceful and function object into the robots, who attack to low quality moves Joel is forced to view (The Crawling Eye et.
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