Mysticism In Paulo Coelho's Veronica Decides To Die

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The Brazilian writer, Paulo Coelho, [1947] who is one of the most widely read authors of the world, is known for his different themes. In his lifetime he has faced different problems. Once upon a time, he was the most frustrated man who was so unpredictable, that he had to get admitted to an asylum, a mental hospital and was being treated as a mad person. Paulo Coelho spent many days in the mental hospital. He has used his own experience in his novel ’Veronica Decides to Die’. The thrust of the present research paper is to revisit Paulo Coelho’s novel ‘Veronica decides die’ to realize the mystic, experienced by an abnormal character Zedka. Background - The story of veronica takes place in a mental hospital, Villete. Veronica, who is fed up with her life tries to commit suicide but anyhow survives and gets admitted in Villate, a renowned mental hospital in Slovenia. She meets Zedka, a mentally abnormal patient in the same hospital. The novel is interwoven with the stories of some abnormal characters i.e. Veronica, Zedka, Mari and Edward. All of them are suffering from different mental problems like depression, frustration, panic disorder, schizophrenia etc. What is mysticism? In today’s material world, everything is measured logically with reason and explanations. So mysticism is not commonly accepted, rather it is discarded as illogical. Mysticism is a vague or ill-defined religious or spiritual belief, especially associated with the occult. The Cambridge English

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