Myth In 'Boar Out There' By Cynthia Rylant

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In the book Boar Out There Cynthia Rylant,there is a girl named Jenny and there is a boar into the woods,she thinks it's a myth so she goes in the woods and finds out if it's truly is a myth. My lesson in the book is face your fears,don’t be scared. My first reason is Jenny goes to the fence and peaks over and whispers “Boar out there?”,she is a little scared but she was fine after. Then she goes in the woods to see if there really was a boar out there,she heard something shaking the bush she froze,she was scared that it would jump out and attack her. Finally,she saw the boar,it walked up to her,she froze.She looked at the boar closely she saw it had cuts,it was scabby,and nasty. Jenny felt bad for the boar and really sorry for him.She

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