Myth In Greek Mythology

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Then, there have another story of creation of man and woman that is according from the Greek stories that is have been found in some studies. This story is all about or based on that man created out of the Earth and next is about the story of Prometheus and also about his brother Epimetheus who made special things to the animals.
Zeus in Greek mythology was known as the God of the sky and ruler of the Olympian Gods, he is also the most well-known Greek god in Greek mythology because of what heave done, and he gave a moral obligation on creating a man and the animals to the Titan Prometheus and to his only one brother Epimetheus. One day, Epimetheus was use to give all the animal special gifts for protection, such as shells for all the turtles
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He wanted to give man fire but Zeus would not make it possible for them. Prometheus refusing to obey Zeus and stole fire from the Gods and brought it down to man. Zeus was so mad that he tied or wrapped Prometheus to a rock. Each day an eagle tears out maybe because of being affected with or expressive of grief and ate his liver during the day which grew back each night time.
Zeus believed man needed to become weaker, less forceful, and less effective after the power of fire was given to him to become powerful. He ordered Hephaestus to create woman for this task. Hephaestus created woman in the likeness of the goddesses. Every god or goddess contributed to the creation of woman and gave her not only beauty, grace, and charm but also the art of lies, the act of persuading someone to have interests with you, and the use of guile. That woman was named Pandora; she is the first human woman that is created by the Greek God according to the Greek
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And the most important players have risen in importance over a period of 100 years ago. The ancient Vedic text, and the Rig Veda, tells of a gigantic being, Purusha, having a thousand of heads, eyes, and lastly a foot. He absolutely covered the earth, extending beyond it by the space of ten fingers. When the Gods sacrificed Purusha, his body produced a purer or easier to see through butter, which to be the source of the birds and animals. His body parts transformed into the world’s elements, and the God’s Agni, Vayu, and Indra. Also, the four division of society based upon differences of large amount of money and possessions, rank, or occupation of Hindu society were created from his body; the priests who perform ceremonies in some religions, warriors that fights in battles, general populace, and the servants who did the household. Historically later, the group of three closely related persons of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva gained prominence. Brahma appears in a lotus sprouting from the raised area in the middle of a sleeping Vishnu. Brahma creates the universe, which lasts for one of his days, or 4.32 billion years ago from now. Then Shiva destroys the universe and the cycle
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