Myth Number 27 Essay

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1) Myth number 27 addresses the constantly publicized belief that people with very different personalities tend to be more attracted to each other. It refutes the previous belief that people desire to be with those they are compatible with. 2) For many it is easy to accept this claim. Society always applauds heartening stories of individuals who are completely different developing a very successful relationship. Every year there is a new movie produced focusing on a popular and outgoing guy meeting a shy and introverted girl. People tend to associate regularity with actuality. If the media shows certain information enough times, people will assume that the information is correct because they have seen it so much. As a result of seeing many…show more content…
Research suggests that people who are similar in personality tend to be more attracted to each other than opposites (Lilenfeld et al., 2010). Dating sites specifically match individuals together based on common interests, beliefs, or desires. Even people that do not use dating sites tend to look for a mate that shares similar traits to them. Furthermore, there is a linear relationship between similar attitudes and liking: As the more commonalities between the people are found, the more they like each other (Lilenfeld et al., 2010). Whether it is a friendship or a more intimate relationship, people like those who they can agree with more than those they disagree with. It is easier to be around people who share the same similar views and beliefs as there is less conflict. 4) If people continue to believe that opposites attract, they will avoid searching for mates that are similar to them. They may even find that in their case opposites did not attract and that they would have been better off finding someone that shared interest. Society will continue to believe that relationships where complete opposites attracted each other work out much more than they

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