Myth Of Monogamy

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Muhammad Faizan Akhtar
SS-100 – Writing and Communication
Zainab Sattar
The Myth of Monogamy Monogamy is a rare trait in the animal kingdom. According to Derva G. Kleiman less than 3% of the mammalian species have been reported as monogamous (40). Human beings are one of those species among mammals in which the practice of monogamy can be found. Although the practice of polygamy is also present in many cultures today it is not considered to be the preferable conduct and is mostly frowned upon in the western world. Majority of people in the western world today strive in pursuit of a satisfactory monogamous relationship, however the sharp rise in the divorce rates and the desolating prospects of an inevitable
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Since monogamy is unnatural, it has failed to work for majority of the cultures today as is evident from the high divorce rates particularly in the western world. In addition, the tendency found among men to watch porn even when they are in a relationship further shows us that men are polygamous as they are sexually aroused by all beautiful women. Hence taking the above arguments and evidences in consideration it can be reasonably inferred that monogamy is an unnatural construct which has become prevalent among human beings over the course of history due to different socio-economic factors and man by nature is…show more content…
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