Myth Of Poverty Essay

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4 Myths Essay Whats poverty? Poverty is the state of being extremely poor, or unable to get money. One thing about poverty is that it is immutable. It is also a natural outcome of a competitive economy. One thing for sure is that Full-employment policy is too costly to consider, thus making it harder to acquire money. Poverty is a complicated problem that will most likely never be solved. What some people don 't understand is that poverty is like a disease, It 's like a disease because it could as well hurt your body physically and mentally. Poverty is a difficult situation to be in, once in it, it 's very difficult getting out of. The only type of poverty that could be solved is self poverty, which could be simple if you put in effort towards it. Ending poverty is an unrealistic goal because in order to end it, we would have to end violent conflicts, sustain high rates of economic growth, not to mention we would also have to avoid any recession in poor countries and make sure nobody who is disabled or…show more content…
What this means is that the result of a competitive economy is poverty. If we really want less poverty, we would have no choice but to be like the Europeans, they market regulations and taxes that have the unfortunate side effect of strangling productivity and reducing output. According to the article, The U.S. is a poverty generating machine. People cannot recalibrate the training system overnight. If opportunities for a college education were indeed equalized, the effect on the labor supply would register only gradually as new generations of poor children increasingly went to college. Should people sit back and wait for the long-term adjustment to take hold? Of course not. It is troubling in this regard that the number of nonworking poor is on the rise. According to studies, the proportion of all 25- to 54-year-olds who held jobs was almost 5 percent lower than it was when the Great Recession
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