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The natural world is divine to native Americans; the Thunderbird is a symbol that links many tribes to the nature. The Thunderbird has different meaning to different tribes, and there are various stories about it. This research essay will work on the myth of Thunderbird of Indian tribes, both common stories and some different myth of different tribes. The Thunderbird is used as an explanation for the things they don’t understand. For Native Americans, the Thunderbird is the answer to many nature’s puzzle, and it controls their lives. The appearance of Thunderbird varies from one Indian tribe story to another but most described the Thunderbird looks as a gigantic eagle: its eyes can shoot lightning, produce thunder by beating its wings, and…show more content…
These people worship the Thunderbird because they think it will save them from crisis, protect them in wars. Indian tribes such as Kwakwaka’wakw believed that their ancestors made a deal with the Thunderbird that the bird will help them when there is a food crisis, and in return, their tribe will worship and admire the Thunderbird as a god. They put the Thunderbird on the top of their totem, put it into their artworks, and have ceremonies for it. All the purpose of doing these are because of this deal they made in the…show more content…
For native American, Killer Whales were very strong, too. Hunting Killer Whales was not easy, even for the Thunderbird. The Thunderbird would use lightning to make the Killer Whale come out of the sea, and then there will be a battle between them. Every battle like this created a huge storm, uprooted all the trees around their battlefield, and it was the reason that there is no tree on beaches. Because the Thunderbird was more powerful than the Killer Whale, Killer Whale always dived into the deep ocean to escape. For native American, this explains why did whales never come up to the

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