Mythbusters Conspiracy

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In 2001 Fox Television broadcasted the claim that scientists at NASA were involved in a conspiracy. This included the accusations of a series of fake manned landings on the moon in the 1960s/70s. Since then many engineers and scientists agree we did in fact go to the moon but a large percentage of the public believes otherwise. However, most people of the public disagree because of specific claims therefore; Mythbusters set out to test these claims. One claim Mythbusters tested was the issue of shadows. They looked at a picture from the Apollo space landing and saw that shadows from objects in the photo were in all different directions. The scientists claimed one big light source would cause shadows to be going in many different directions. The Mythbusters team replicated the photo with one main light source and watched it…show more content…
So Jamie and Adam tested this theory out by putting Adam in a spacesuit and having him even setting him up on wires, do the exact same thing the astronauts supposedly did. He was set up on a high frame camera. But they were not fully happy with this experiment because they were getting big discrepancies between the real video and the video they made. So they boarded an antigravity aircraft run and filmed him during the run. They compared the two videos and still found some small differences so it is impossible to film this on the earth. Based on the Mythbusters results they concluded that NASA did land someone on the moon and that all the conspirators were wrong. All pieces of evidence that the conspirators tried to use to prove that NASA faked the landing was actually proving they did land on the moon. Using their data they were able to say that the footprint was real and that the flag waving happens in no gravity because there is nothing to stop the movement. All of these situations therefore prove that NASA went to the
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