Sandwich Outline: Greek Mythology

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Sandwich Outline Grabber Statement: What comes to mind when you think of Mythology? Most would start to think of the Gods and Goddess in Greek Mythology. However, there are many mythical creatures including mermaids, fairies, trolls, dragons, and giants. We know about these myths because they play a part in society and cultural beliefs. Thesis Statement: Mythical creatures are creatures whose appearance has been thought up through the imagination of people. Their existence cannot be proven and have become a part of fantasies. Topic 1: - Most people did not speak of fairies by calling them “fairies”, they referred to them as The Hidden or Little People. Some believed that fairies were spirits of the dead or fallen angels, they decided the…show more content…
Fairies went from being accommodating spirits that were welcomed in the homes of humanity to evil demons. They fell into the category of “witchery” and if anyone was thought to be associated with them, they faced the same consequences as “witches” and “sorceress.” (The Fairy Bible by Tersa Morrey and Online Source) Topic 2: - Most the Earth is covered in water, its a little wonder that centuries ago the oceans were believed to hide mysterious creatures beneath the ocean. Mermaids were thought of as a marine version of half-human, half-fish. Having the upper-half of a woman with long hair and the tail of a fish. These woman were stunningly beautiful. - In Folklore mermaids were always associated with death and misfortune, luring sailors off course and to their death. They would lure the sailors by their seductive singing and facade of beauty. The lonely sailors were attracted to the strange woman out at sea, they would sail their ship toward them and even some men would exit the ship to get to them. Once in arms reach of the mermaids, their facade would fall and the men would see an ugly woman but could not get away before they would drag them to the inky-depths of the

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