Mythodrama Group Assessment

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The rationale of this study was to investigate the effects of using the Mythodrama group psychotherapy approach for middle and late adolescents. The results indicate that the Mythodrama group psychotherapy approach is an effective form of intervention for adolescents with emotional and behavior problems. Teacher ratings for Mythodrama group participants showed a significant improvement in prosocial behavior, conduct problems, emotional difficulties and peer problems. These findings are consistent with Guggenbühl at al., (2006) who reported significant improvements adolescent behavior relating aggression and bulling. It can be concluded that the Mythodrama approach is effective for increasing trait emotional intelligence and adaptive coping…show more content…
The emotion-oriented coping did not reach any significant difference over time right after the intervention. As previous research indicates problem-solving or task-oriented coping styles contribute well-being and better adjustment within the environment (Turashvili & Japaridze, 2013), while emotion-focused coping is likely to be associated with behavioral problems, poor adjustment, as well as physical and emotional stress (Eschenbeck et al., 2012; Causey & Dubow, 1992). Research shows that emotion-oriented coping can be effective when aimed at reducing the emotional distress which can lead to more task-oriented coping strategies later, but when it is obstinate it prevents from task-oriented coping and will result in maladjustment (Endler & Parker, 1990; Lobel, Gilat & Endler, 1993). There was no significant change of emotion-oriented coping after the intervention however participants should be investigated over the next few months to determine if this coping strategy applies for long…show more content…
These findings suggest that adolescents with high trait EI are likely to cope with everyday problems effectively compared to their low trait EI peers, which relates to other research as well (see Mavroveli et al., 2007, Petrides, Pe´rez-Gonza´lez et al., 2007, Mikolajczak et al., 2006). Research point out that well-being component of trait EI appears to be relevant in the adjustment process, noting that positive emotions promote the development those of physical, intellectual and social resources that are necessary for successful coping (Frederickson,

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