World Mythology Summary

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Jacob Farmer
World Mythology
Part 1 reading Mythology The book starts off by telling the reader the order of creation. At first there was heaven and earth. There children are known as the Titans. The titans had children, who are known as the Olympians. The Olympians are known as the main Greek gods. Mount Olympus is were the main Greek Gods reside. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are the most powerful Greek gods in order. The main Titans Prometheus, Ocean and Mnemosyne, memory. The fates are the only ones more powerful than the gods, they are not under the gods control. The Greeks explain the change in weather, by telling a story of a God named Demeter, god of nature having her daughter Persephone taken away from her by Hades, god of the underworld.
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Epimethius gives all the useful traits to animals, Prometheus gives humans a shape resembling that of the gods and then the most useful gift, fire, which Prometheus takes from heaven, he gives to humans. The second, the gods make humans by themselves. They use different kinds of metals, starting with the best, Gold, which were perfect, but using ones of worse quality every other time. The next were silver, then there was brass, each worse than the other. The iron race was the gods 5th and worst version made yet. Full of wickedness, each generation worsens until Zeus wipes it out. The best creatures of the Golden Age did grow wicked. Zeus,raging at Prometheus for giving humans fire and helping them to cheat the gods with their sacrifices, decided to punish humans. He created Pandora, the first girl who, brings pain upon humanity with her curiosity. The gods gave Pandora a box and told her not to open it and she does of course open it, letting all the evil inside escape except hope, which is ironic. The third myth humans were created out of inanimate materials. Zeus was angry at the evil of the world so he sends a huge flood to obliterate it. Only two beings survive, Deucalion, who is Prometheus’s son, Epimethius, and Pandora’s daughter, Pyrrha. After the flood,, coming from a temple, a voice orders the two to walk around and throw stones behind them. Humans today, there ancestors are the
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