Mythology And Archetypes In The Lion King

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Running head: 1 5 Lion King Jacqueline Guardado Mythology Community College of Aurora As I was watching Lion King with my kids from Walt Disney. I knew that mythology was part of the movie. As I was watching I can point out some point of how mythology was part of the movie For examples the colors that were use Green land was the growth and hope, Black were Simba went to go back to the Pride Rock when it was destroyed by his uncle Scar was death, chaos and evil, Red is violence where Scar and Simba where fighting and Simba was hanging on the edge of the rock and whisper ‘I killed your father”. The desert hopelessness, the tree was growth along with rain. I this essay I’m going to share with you with some elements of…show more content…
The hero when simba returns to the Pride Rocks and saves his lands from him unrightfully rules by his uncle Scar and the hyenas, then restore to its glory. Timon and Pumba where the character that are the trickster. They use laughter and chaos to focus on the change and to help Simba grow up. Their joking is a reminder of who he is destined to be king. Simba got to face the death and rebirth archetypal at the lake. Even though Simba never physically dies, but his spirit did die. The death of his spirit was when he ran away from the Pridelands into the desert. Everyone at the Pridelands had though Simba had died. While Simba was in the desert he had almost died until Timon and Pumba finds him and kept him alive, help him believe in himself. Simba went to the lake with Raki and was he was looking into the lake he said see inside you, then he hears his father voice calling “Simba, you have forgot who you are, so you had forgotten me.” Mufasa telling Simba to go back to take his place of the Circle of Life and to remember who he is and that he is King. . and made Simba return to his home the Pride Rock. Then everyone realizes that simba was still alive. Seem that he has risen from the dead since they haven’t seen him since he had run away as they believed he was dead. Simba had faced all his fears and life went back to get

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