Mythology By Edith Hamilton: A Character Analysis

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Boris Pasternak once said, “often even a whole city suffers for a bad man who sins and contrives presumptuous deeds.” This phrase expresses that a single man can make a whole city suffer. However, even though some men can be horrific, others can represent the ideal man. In Edith Hamilton’s thrilling novel, Mythology, Theseus, the mythical king of Athens, represents the ideal male because of his kindness, intelligence, and bravery. Throughout his life, Theseus clearly displays his kindness by standing by people and continuing to encourage them. For example, Theseus alone stood by Hercules when Hercules killed his wife and children and was determined to kill himself. The rest of Hercules’ friends left him, but Theseus stayed by him and gave…show more content…
When Theseus goes to visit his father in Athens, he refuses to go by water because they voyage is too easy and safe. Instead, he decides to go to Athens by land, which is a much more dangerous route because the journey takes lots of time and lots of bandits beset the road. Theseus is able to kill all the bandits, which makes it safe for any future travelers. Theseus has the choice to take the easy route, but he personally decides to take the longer and harder route proving he is not scared and he is fearless. Another display of Theseus’s bravery is when he volunteers to be one of the victims of the Minotaur. The Minotaur is confined in a labyrinth, which is impossible to escape from. Not one person had escaped from the Minotaur, but Theseus still volunteers to be a victim. He kills the Minotaur with his bare hands and escapes from the labyrinth. Theseus undoubtedly displays his confidence and heroism as he alone defeats the Minotaur. Because of his willingness too risk his life, and make the world safer, Theseus shows his bravery ascertaining the fact that he is an ideal man. The most famous hero of Athens, Theseus, shows that he an example of an exemplary male due to his care and generosity to his friends, his brilliant mind, and his immense courage and audacity. There are many aspects to being an ideal man, and it is hard and rare to fit all the characteristics. Evidently, people even now think that the ideal male and even the ideal person for that fact is one that is nice, smart, and
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