Mythology: Christopher Columbus's Three Mermaids

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Usually mythology has meaning or a reason to be created, like dragons were most likely inspired by people discovering dinosaur bones and were exaggerated to breathe fire which could be understandable since they found giant monsters that they had no idea what it could be.

Also with mermaids which were most likely inspired by manatees, this is thought because during Christopher Columbus’s travels he said he saw three mermaids in the water and wrote about In his journal and this is what was written: "On the previous day [8 Jan 1493], when the Admiral went to the Rio del Oro [Haiti], he said he quite distinctly saw three mermaids, which rose well out of the sea; but they are not so beautiful as they are said to be, for their faces had some masculine traits." And also manatees and dugongs are known to do “tail stands” out of the water and they are able to turn their heads and have arm and hand like bone
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This may seem like the most likely but that leaves a lot unexplained like why they had bronze hoofs and mouths and even less why they breathed fire

Next is that it could’ve been a hoax or faked by people. This one I can see as a possibility it could’ve been two or four people in costumes with the hoofs and mouths painted a bronzesh color but the only flaw with this one is the fact that fire would’ve burned both.

Next back in biblical times they used the bull as a way to sacrifice people to god and get a good year of farming. So they could’ve made up that these bulls were the vengeful spirits of people who were sacrificed come to haunt them

Now this last on is something I literally just thought of and is kind of stupid and just an excuse to add words really. What if there were just some screwed up people back then and they set fire to two bulls it would explain why thy said it breathed fire and the burnt skin could’ve caused the bronze color on those
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