Mythology In Chinese Mythology

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Worshiping a symbol of a town, believing that balance is everything, and thinking that every object in nature has a religious meaning. This is the world of Chinese mythology. For over four thousand years, Chinese mythology has been teaching people from all around the world about the Chinese culture. From P’an Ku and the cosmogonic myth, all the way to the worshiping Tudi Gongs, Kuei Shen and Geui. Chinese mythology has shaped the way that china is today. Although some may say that since Chinese culture is so old, Myths are useless, fake, stories; but it is clear that Chinese mythology did influence the cultures belief and was the base of many religions. Chinese Mythology has altered china’s culture and beliefs throughout the years because of the religions, lifestyle, and political view from mythology.

The importance of religion in China is what keeps the ancient countries culture unforgotten, but the mythology in China is what shaped those cultures. According to Living Myths, about Chinese Mythology “Much Chinese mythology is based on animism, which sees the land itself as alive. It contains many therianthropic creatures, who are both animal and human, and demonstrates the playfulness of the gods.” Most of Chinese mythology states that the land is alive. And that the gods created all humans, animals and every object in nature. Since this theory has turned it to a religious practice in China, it has altered the society in which millions of people live in. Therefore, this
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