Mythology In John Updike's A & P

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The mythological “A&P” by John Updike Thesis: Updike uses a number of different aspects such as setting, imagery, etc. to project the mythology in the story and Sammy’s choices and consequences that come along with it. • Saldivar, Toni. "The Art of John Updike's 'A&P.'" Studies in Short Fiction 34.2 (1997): 215-25. Saldivar’s opinion on John Updike’s A&P is that the young girls are “mythological temptresses” whom lure away young men to destruction. Hence the reason behind Sammy quitting his job at A&P, even though he thought that it wasn’t the best decision to make; it was like he was under Queenie’s spell and could not help it. This article will be very helpful. It helps me understand more of the mythology of “A&P”. • Ackerley, Nicky. "Resigning…show more content…
He’s not so big on them and criticizes hard on Updike’s work. He states how his narrator is always a man/boy, in other words, John himself, yet he’s a very emotional writer. He also goes to say that his stories are “memories”, recollections of Updike’s life. Barb is obviously not a big fan of Updike, but ironically knows much about many of his stories. • Peterson, Polly Rose. "Psychological Distance in Raymond Carver's CATHEDRAL." Explicator 70.3 (2012): 167-169. In this review, Peterson uncovers the irony that will become of the short story “Cathedral”. Points out the specific grammatical aspects of the story and the meanings that we, the audience, can take out of it as we read. We learn that the narrator is also the main character in the story and has a very big awakening and life changing surprise at the end. Very similar to “A&P”. • Joel William Hendrickson. Rude Awakening in “A&P” and “Cathedral” Hendrickson relates the two short stories. Both have an individual whom is used to their ordinary lives and are fascinated by these unforeseen and unexpected “blessing in disguises” which forever changes the pattern of their normal lives. This short article will be helpful for my project because of the comparison to another short story that is very
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