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Greek legends and myths is a set of stories about gods goddesses , titans heroes and ancient tradition.Greek mythology was a huge part of their religion the.
Most popular greek mythology figures Zeus Poseidon Thera Aphrodite and Athena also titans like Atlas popular greek myths include the creation of man by prometheus while heroes like hercules and preuse are among the most famous.

despite their amazing powers the Greek Gods and people were very much alike. The auctions they made where rooted from their undeniable passion such as love jealousy and pride along with their need for revenge.
The gods left Mount Olympus often to be involved in affairs on one in other with mortals. There was often tales and legends about this a they were meant
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Religion was part of everyday life in ancient Greece and Greeks often said a quick prayer before they did things everyone had a favorite god or goddess whom they believe looked after them Demeter helped Farmers Hermes protected Travelers and Apollo watched over Shepherds and musicians worshippers from all over Greek World visited the great marble temples too often prayer to the gods they also prepared at small shrines and their home many houses had an altar in the courtyard where people often left offerings such as a portion of the crops they grow or poured wine on the ground offerings of wine were called liberation's before making any important decision the Greeks tried to find out what the future held and whether the gods looked favorably upon their Venture people visited the priests called a sofa Sayer who could read natural signs known as almonds and almond could be a sudden appearance and animals such as a flock of birds flying overhead or marks on intense tens of sacrifice animal only the soothsayers could interpret what the Almond mint oracles the Greek also went to oracle's holy places where the gods were believed to speak directly to give to humans also called oracles and revealed the future the most famous Oracle was Apollo's Temple at Tiffany on the slopes of Mount in Mainland Greece and revealed the future the most famous Oracle was Apollo's Temple at daffini on the slopes of Mount Carney Lewis and Mainland Greece near the temple was a cavern that gave all
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