Ancient Greek Mythology

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The Ancient Greek civilization was, by all accounts, fascinating and intriguing. It is perhaps a testament to their popularity that they are still a subject of interest till this date. While the ancient Greeks played a huge role in kick-starting innovation as we know it today, with contributions from awe-inspiring people like Archimedes and Hippocrates, it is the mythology that captures most people more than the facts.
Ancient Greek mythology has been widely documented, starting from the ancient Greek period itself all the way to modern times. Although the finer points may have gotten distorted over the course of time, the basic foundation remains the same; the twelve Olympian Gods, the twelve major Titans, the numerous monsters and an ever-growing
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When it comes to Greek mythology, the most prominent theme is that of heroes. Each story has a hero, and each hero has a life that can outdo any modern tragedy in terms of hardships and trials. When contemplating the correlation between ancient Greek society and Greek mythology, nothing can be more helpful than the tales of these heroes who have become immortal through their deeds. We will be journeying into the tales of twelve such heroes and will try to find the parallels which connect their stories to the period of society they were born…show more content…
Each of his twelve labors were horrendous in their own rights and difficult beyond measure, set up intentionally to make him fail. Heracles, however, persevered and finished all twelve. It would be safe to assume that he lived an easy life thereafter, but it was not so. He continued to live a life riddled with torture and hardships, until he took his own life atop Mount
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