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How About Those Myths, Fairytales, and Folktales In the past, myths, fairytales, and folktales were used to explain eternal thoughts such as ‘where do we come from?’ or ‘why are we here?’. Myths, fairytales, and folktales came about from real or imagined events that were worth repeating, and it was passed on by mouth until it was retold billions of times and had hundreds of versions. Now, it is a tradition to people to tell stories from a long time ago. Although they were told in ancient times, they are still relevant in today’s society because all of the feeling that the people in the myths had are rubbing off on us. Feelings such as jealousy, hypocrisy, not learning from mistakes, and selfishness. For those reasons, myths, fairytales, and…show more content…
For example, on lines it is saying that the Prince was peering through the gates hoping that he would be able to see the prince. He was jealous of the prince of all the things the prince had. This feeling is still shown today. People today are jealous of all the amazing things other people have even though what they have is just as good. The myth called “Narcissus and Echo” indicates how selfish some people are. In this video version of the myth made by IvlagnetoTwo it states “Narcissus was a very beautiful young man”. All of the fairies loved him but there was one particular fairy that was beautiful named Echo. She was in love with Narcissus but he did not love her back, while she was stalking Narcissus, she forgot about all of her duties ordered by the goddess Hera. Hera was angry at Echo so she cursed her to only be able to repeat the last words of anyone 's sentence. A little bit after that, Echo was in the forest when Narcissus was walking and Narcissus started talking but Echo only repeated what he said. Then, Narcissus ran into a waterfall and saw his reflection and instantly fell in love. Because of the actions of Narcissus, Hera cursed Narcissus to only be able to love himself. Narcissus jumped in the water to his reflection and was never seen again. This is much like today’s society because even still today, people are still in love with themselves. People today are…show more content…
The folktale called “Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story From China” by Ai Ling Louie shows the feeling of jealousy. Yeh-Shen is a beautiful young girl, and her stepmother is jealous because the stepmother’s own daughter is not nearly as beautiful or smart as Yeh-Shen. The stepmother feeds Yeh-Shen as little food as possible and makes her do loads of chores. To support this, it says on pages 335-336 lines 10-12 “Her stepmother was jealous of all this beauty and goodness, for her own daughter was not pretty at all”. Although Yeh-Shen was treated terribly, she continued to be kind, which most people in our society do not do today. Yeh-Shen did not ask for much and was kind no matter what. The Chinese Cinderella Story is very different from most of the classic myths, fairytales, and

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