Myths In Joseph Campbell's The Power Of Myth

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The book The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell demonstrates how myths can affect human beings and lessons hidden in different forms whether it be a lecture or movie shapes their decisions. This chapter focuses on how myths are introduced to people in this century and it’s functions which is slowly fading as the world evolves. Although the world may have new ideas, I still believe that those ideas derive from ancient myths because ideas can’t just be formed out of nothing. How people choose to respond to the myths nowadays and the satisfaction that they get from it shapes their morals. As a matter of fact, I can personally relate with the lessons taught in myths according to the Bible. As literal as the Bible may seem, the lessons relieves…show more content…
Every week listening to the lessons in the Gospel from the stories really does help me as a person understand what path is the right one. Since the beginning of time people have turned to religion to answer their problems and that is one thing that I believed has not changed. In this time and age people lose sight of religion as they turn to technology to answer their questions but myths have always been the answer to the mysteries of this planet. “But there is a fourth function of myth...Myths can teach you that” (Campbell 39). This quotes defends my opinion as it is a solidifying fact that myths are functions that teach people how to live under the circumstances that they are in. If people can relate to the myths they can solve anything that is a mystery to them. Not everyone has to comply with religion as I do to find answers as I do but there are many different ways as myths come in different forms in our society. More importantly is what humans get out of these myths, the answer gives satisfaction to those who are lost. Those who choose to seek answers from myths get what they are looking for whether they are enjoying life or doing what they like. As Campbell said, “But once this subject catches

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