Myths In Rosemary Sutcliff's From The Black Ship

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Myths started along time ago, around the period of Chaos. It started with the Holy people who lived 12 lower worlds down from earth 's surface. One day there was a flood. Which meant they had to crawl up to the earth’s surface. At this time a woman gave birth to two “Hero Twins” one called “Monster Slayer” and the other “Child of the Waters”. That 's where myths originated. Myths are still important. They can teach kids and adults about experiences related to their family’s background. Moral values may be taught whether it is right or wrong. Myths are not the only thing that can teach these things Folktales and Fairy Tales can also and some dramas.
In the story “ From The Black Ship…” ,by Rosemary Sutcliff, which is a myth, (line 6-7 page 313), it states “... one who had not been invited was suddenly in their midst.” This can teach us about leaving someone out. They can mostly teach teenagers this because this is mostly something teenagers do. In the story the goddess who is not invited, takes a golden apple and she leaves it on the table, this causes a lot of drama between the other three goddess that claim the apple is theirs. It also shows how greedy people can be in stories and in real life.
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The story “Yeh-Shen,Cinderella from China,” by Ai-Ling Louie, it states, “Her stepmother was jealous of all her beauty and goodness.” In this story, it can teach us a lesson about jealousy. This story is very useful to people who don’t appreciate what they have and they want other people’s things so they can have a better life. It can also teach us that, people who are jealous can do bad things to get the things they want. In the story when her stepmother found out she had a friend/pet, she killed it to make herself feel good, and the stepmother has something Cinderella or Yeh-Shen does not have. Also, like the “Black Ships Before Troy,” it has greedy people in it, like the
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