Cupid And Psyche Analysis

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Myths have served many purposes throughout history including entertainment or comfort, providing an explanation for something that people were unable to comprehend using conventional means, and possibly most important, they teach. Although the tales are often far-fetched and filled with the supernatural, regardless of beliefs, a message can often be found and this is the case for “Cupid and Psyche.” This myth describes the love story between Psyche, a mortal women whose beauty is unimaginable, and Cupid, the God of Love who fell prey to the very emotion he rules over when he first laid eyes on her. After betraying the trust of Cupid, Psyche must face trials imposed on her by Cupid’s mother Venus and although they are intended to punish Psyche, they contain an important lesson to those that are told this myth. As for the trials, there are four, increasing in difficulty and hopelessness as they are assigned,…show more content…
This was a difficult task and Psyche believed there would be no way she could complete it, that is until an ant showing sympathy for her terrible predicament gathered many other ants and accomplished exactly what Venus desired. When it comes to finding meaning in stories like this, a lot can be said about the individual and what they personally find meaning in. In this case I believe the pile of seeds is analogous with the plethora of choices, both minor and major that you face throughout your life. The ants that sort this pile may represent the outside factors that play a role in your decisions with these choices, whether by directly assisting you or subtly influencing. When assigning this task Venus said “I’m now going to put your merit to the test myself,” and that exactly what choices are, a test that we must answer and no matter whether we are right or wrong we must learn and move on (Apuleius
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