N. R. A Bully's Bullying Quotes

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In the book N.E.R.D.S by Michael Buckley, a middle school bully named Jackson Jones has to get braces. The whole school then treats him like one of the misfits, and he realizes what the people he was bullying felt. He then finds out that the people he was bullying are actually secret agents. He then tries to befriend them so he can be on the team. He gets to be on the team, but his colleagues, the N.E.R.D.S, don’t forgive him and won’t talk to him. The author communicates to the reader that you should treat others how you would like to be treated.

At the beginning of the book, Jackson constantly bullies the N.E.R.D.S with no regards toward their feelings. The author states after Jackson and his friend, Brett, give the nerds wedgies “The nerds flopped around on the ground like fish, trying unsuccessfully to stuff their underwear back into their pants. Jackson, Brett, and the others celebrated their success.” This quote shows that Jackson and Brett are happy about their bullying. Jackson and Brett only bully the N.E.R.D.S because they are concerned about their reputation and “cool points”, and they like to look good to other people. Jackson then gets braces, and all the admiration toward Jackson is gone. Even his friend Brett no longer respects him, as he
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In the end of the beginning of the book, Jackson starts spying on the N.E.R.D.S, as he feels they are suspicious, and up to no good. Jackson then finds out that they are secret agents. When the kids are interrogating him, Heathcliff, one of the N.E.R.D.S whose teeth can cause hypnosis , says “Remember how he treated us-spitwads, swirlies, atomic wedgies. He’s a menace. Lock him up, wipe his mind-either way, we’re doing the world a favor.” You can tell by his tone that Heathcliff wants to treat Jackson like he has treated him for years. This quote also shows that Jackson must have done things really bad towards Heathcliff for him to say those
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