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The book i am reading is "NIght" by Elie Wiesel. The topic i chose was health. Many factors contribute to your health, either it being good or bad. When you eat a full three meals every day you stay healthy. When you only get a small portion of bread and soup each day, then you probably will become sick. If you dont get enough water you could become severly sick also. Theese are only a few factors that contribute to your gealth. My poster will show you how different things can contribute to your health.

"Take care of ypur son. He is very weak,very dehydrated. Take careb of youselves, you must avoid selection. Eat! Anything, anytime. Eat all you can. The weak dont last very long around here..."(Wiesel 45).

In the concentration camps, many
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"The night before, we had sat down to the traditional Friday night meal. We had said the customerly blessings over the bread and the wine and swallowed pur food in silence"(Wiesel 22).

Before they went to the concentration camps, the wiesel family was in good health. They were able to eat a full meal, get medical attention when needed, and wasnt in any sort of danger. Elie was just like evryone else. If Elie was hurt he was at home or outside the concentraion camps, so he could just go the doctor. In the concentration camps, you could not. He could play,talk, and shop. He was a perfectly normal healthy tennager, that was up intill he got sent to the concentration camps.

"To fast could mean a more certain dealth. In this place, we were always fasting. It was Yom Kippur year-round. But there were those who said we should fast, precisely because it was dangerous to do so"(Wiesel
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At night, we slept almost naked and the temperature was thirty below. We were collecting corpses by the budreds every day"(Wiesel 70).

Many things can contribute to your health being good or bad. People in the concentration camps didnt get any water which lead to dyhydration and hydration is deadly. They slept almost every night in temperatures below thirty degrees, they also slept naked with no blankets. If your body gets too cold you can get hypothermia, which can lead to effected body parts getting amputated or even death. They said during these times they would collect corpses by the hundreds every day, now i see why.

"Around the middle fo January, my right foor began to swell from the cold. I could not stand it. I went to the infirmary. The doctor... was categorical: " We have to operate! If we wait, the toes and perhaps the leg will have to be amputrated"(Wiesel 78).

Another factor that can contribute to your health are illnesses, in this cause it is hypothermia. when you have hypothermia you have been in the cold to long and it has frozen a part of the body. In concentration camps, if you got hurt and couldbnt work, you were useless to them. They got rid of you at the first possible moment. Irt was very important that you stayed as helathy as you
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