N Word Offensive

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The N word started from the early as the 17 century a lot of people had found it really offensive because for what the meaning behind it also the way people say it to the black people. There are two sides, one side is all about how they are against the N word and the other side is all about how they are not against toward the N word .The N word is offensive because it is meant to discriminate black people. Many people have been interviewed for what their beliefs are toward the N word. Also, some of the people also have been interviewed for the N of how it isn 't offensive to others.

The N word is offensive because it is meant to discriminate black people. During the interview for the against side, one of the three people had stated, “The ‘N’ is not taken the same as if you were speaking to your …show more content…

As this is a word that comes from a descriptive word, this may discriminate and dehumanize people who are of darker skin as they feel like that this is the only thing that they are. This word is usually used as a racial insult, and it is considered extremely offensive. The word is linked with violence and brutality from whites using this derogatory term to describe what black people are”. This happens to support the claim because it states of how the word is used towards people even if they have darker skin.

As for the second side if the word should be considered appropriate, they believe that it should be appropriate. The N word should not be considered offensive because the word is given its meaning by society, there are much bigger racial problems, and it is used to refer to common people in their lives. While the interview one out of the three believes that it should be appropriate because one of them said, “It’s just a word”. This happens to support their claim because it can be taken in multiple ways, a decision has to be made in order to make this word

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