NAEYC Code Of Conduct Essay

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I will be confidential, sensitive and always have respect for the children. According to the code, “our paramount responsibility is to provide care and education in settings that are safe, healthy, nurturing and responsive for each child. We are committed to supporting children’s development and learning; respecting individual differences; and helping children learn to live, play, and work cooperatively. We are also committed to promoting children’s self-awareness, competence, self-worth, resiliency, and physical well-being” (NAEYC, 2011). I will be confidential, sensitive, and always have respect for families because families are of primary importance in children’s development. Because the family and the early childhood practitioner have a common interest in the child’s well-being, we acknowledge a primary responsibility to bring about communication, cooperation, and collaboration between the home and early childhood program in ways that enhance the child’s development (NAEYC, 2011).…show more content…
The same ideals that apply to children also apply as we interact with adults in the workplace” (NAEYC, 2011). Not only the NAEYC Code, but my personal morals and beliefs, lead me to always try my best to be ethical and provide the best possible environment for my students. The values, principles, and ideals of the NAEYC Code are perfectly in alignment with my own beliefs. The one principle in the code that stands out to me is P1.1 which tells us that we should do no harm. To me, “no harm” means that I should not only never cause harm to a child, family member, or colleague, but I should always give my very best. Anything less than my very best effort is essentially causing harm because better could be
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