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My second community engagement was going to the NAMI walk in Orange County. NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness it is one of the largest non-profit organizations that is dedicated to create better lives for people suffering mental illness. NAMI works with the community to raise awareness and provide support and educate with people in need. The organization also conducts many public events and activities to raise money and to create awareness. For example, some of the events are Mental Illness Awareness week and NAMI walk.
I was never aware of this organization until attending this class and going to the walk and I think it’s an amazing organization. The NAMI walk was to raise money to help the organization out. Before the walk I really liked the idea of collecting books for the book drive in memory of Melissa. I was really excited to get children’s books that I had in my bookshelf that I don’t read anymore, and I thought someone else could enough these books. I was really excited and motivated for the walk by seeing all my classmates bring bags of books. I also enjoyed doing bookmarks for the books. I really like doing crafts it is therapeutic for me, I thought writing inspiration quotes on
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The NAMIWALK was on October 10 at the William R. Mason Park. I brought my brother with me to join me for the walk and we wore our Cal State Fullerton t-shirts. I was really impressed on how big the event was and how many different groups of supporters of people that were walking for an individual. I went around the different booths to learn more about NAMI I got different flyers and pens. I decided to do the entire walk with my brother, and I was impressed by how many people were walking. The walk was a good workout and the view during the walk was pretty scenery. Although it was a really hot day, I manage to make it through the walk. At the end of the walk people were cheering and proud that we walked, it made me feel good that we were walking for a good

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