NFL Personal Conduct Essay

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Ever since 1997, the NFL Personal Conduct Policy has been holding back coaches, players, team employees, and game officials from having a personal life outside the sport of football. The policy states that any illegal, violent, dangerous, or irresponsible conduct will not be tolerated. It is also stated that NFL team members may endeavor to be people of high character at all times; they must show respect for others inside and outside of the workplace because every single one of their actions reflect on the NFL. In order for the NFL to uphold their extremely high standards, whenever violations of the policy occur, appropriate disciplinary action will arise. If a team member is convicted of a crime, they are subject to a degree of discipline. Even if conduct by a team member of the NFL does not lead to criminal conviction, they will still receive deserved discipline. No matter whom you are, if you are affiliated with the NFL and are working for the NFL, your personal rights are taken away the minute you commit to the team (National Football League, 15-18).
This policy is enabling the NFL to discipline anybody on any action they deem is wrong. According to Vice Sports, after Ray Rice’s charges of domestic violence were brought public, it was realized that his case was the first and only one to have. The almost
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A teammate’s action outside of the workplace should not become spoken of inside the work place, due to an unnecessary invasion of privacy. Many players quit and leave the NFL in their past due to the amount of instigating and discipline the NFL provides. A person in the United States has the freedom to do what they want, whenever they want to, until they are found guilty of committing a crime, and when that does occur, it should have no effect or impact on their outside, daily
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