NHS Reflective Essay

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Current knowledge: My current knowledge in the Health and Social environment includes contemporary issues such as lifestyle factors such as drinking heavily, smoking, a poor diet lacking enough fruit and vegetables and not doing enough exercise. These all contribute to people becoming unwell more often and needing to rely on the NHS. An increasing amount of overweight/obese children shows us that this trend is set to continue. The NHS has helped to decrease the number of people dying from diseases which is great but this means that although people are living longer, it also means that they may be living with one or more long-term complex conditions. These include diabetes, heart and kidney diseases and liver problems. This means they require on-going treatment and specialist care. People misusing the A+E departments are stretching their ability to cope with the influx of patients. When the NHS was first introduced it…show more content…
I am aware of the different mediums that are available for use for people with sensory deprivation. Such mediums include; pen and paper, switch, hearing aids, flashcards, braille and sign language etc. I am very extroverted and can work well as a team bringing new knowledge and ideas but also listening to others who may have knowledge that I lack. I have the basic knowledge to enter and work with data on computers and any machinery/equipment needed in my department. I have the basic care skills through working in a care home and also as a live in carer to a paraplegic gentleman who required the use of a hoist etc. I have the knowledge about data protection legislations and correct procedures for safe data handling. I am always looking to keep up to date with new research that can broaden and better my knowledge of my job role and also the healthcare environment itself. I can multitask effectively and like to keep my day and work well
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