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The annual NHS retreat and Mrs. Schwenk’s final retreat as a member of the NHS chapter was far from dull. This year’s NHS chapter consist of 27 individuals with 25 attending the retreat. The NHS members were Daniel Kennedy, Sydney Nelson, Dante Arzani, Blake Kozak, Josh Burkhead, Taylor Hatfield, Cynthia Thomas, Carissa Albers, Libby Kennedy, Shai Major, Cheyenne Loomis, Alyssa Reed, Nick Ellis, Trevor Thornburg, Hannah Grandstaff, Brooklyn McCuddin, Jaylan White, Zach Goering, Elijah Elliott, Sydney Nelson, Remington Hutton, Ally Bedwell, and Saylor Vodraska This year 's NHS retreat was the last retreat for our head counselor Brianna Schwenk. The NHS retreat was said to be one of the best turnouts and the best group of kids that were there.…show more content…
The obstacle race included activities like moving a marble down a trail with only pipes that could connect, finding a man on a moped covered in leaves and getting a selfie with him, and shooting some type of arrow at a wooden buffalo. This was a fun a great team building activity for the NHS participants. This retreat wasn’t just for the activities it was also to get prepared for the next year 's chapter and get everything reviewed and revised. After reviewing the chapter they went to take some time get rested for the annual campfire with s 'mores. The campfire consisted of many different types of scary stories from little boy being kept in the basement to a story from the 1800’s. After campfire a group of young adventurers went out to explore in the dark for an hour. Seeing some mysterious things like sets of blue eyes in the open plane and hearing voices in the dark. This could have easily been from the scary stories told but who would know. After adventuring the NHS members went back to the dorm were they just shared stories and talked and socialize. These group of people are the funniest you will probably ever meet with a great sense of imagination. Day 1 has been

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