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The NICU is a Neonatal intensive care unit is a special area for premature and sick babies, they go there to receive the help they need, and some babies need help to breathe or they are missing something in their body. They can also come early before their due date and they are sent there to receive their special help. To be a neonatal nurse, you have to be a registered nurse in the (RN) with a four-year Bachelor of Science in a nursing degree is your (BSN). You must be certified in the NICU; you have to complete a minimum of year’s clinical experience in a hospital place. You also have to have licenses from the state giving you permission to do the things you learned. You also have to be certified by your state Board of nursing or receive national certification from an agency; you also have to have experiences with infants there also have a higher a (APRN). I always wanted to work with babies its exciting thing to do. You can learn a lot from working with babies and I want to learn how I can help babies and what do I have to do to save a baby. I also want to support the parents while they go through his process and let them know that we are here for them and to do our best to help their baby. I want to make a difference in this kind of…show more content…
What this mean is that you first start your training in lab were you can work with real fake dummies for practice and then that’s when you go to real-world clinical, that’s when you actually work with real babies, everything that you practice you will apply it in the real life. Then after graduation they will provide the employers, or both through classes and in the NICU a mentorship or preceptor program. This training may take about six weeks to three months depending on a nurse prior experience. You have to have a lot of school to enter in the NICU, you have to learn everything you can because you will need

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