NICU Personal Values

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As a healthcare provider in a stressful environment of the NICU, my personal values are very important in guiding me in dealing with every decision that I need to make for the best interest of my patients. My personal values that I hold dearly are: compassion, accountability, honesty, family, and health, Having compassion for my patient’s suffering and be accountable for the actions and decisions that will impact them and their families is very important. Appreciated by my co-workers and my patient’s family for being honest is very fulfilling. I also believe that being connected to my family keeps me grounded and give me the courage to do my best in taking care of my patient. Living a healthy life, exercising and eating the right food are important to withstand the demands of my job especially working the night shift.…show more content…
I can be a mentor to my young co-workers in my unit to develop their skills. Being sensitive to their needs and listening to their concerns and give them assurance that I am here to help them. Making sure that members of my team work together in a harmonious environment to accomplish the goals. Recognizing and appreciating their achievements in very sincere and genuine way will boost their moral and encourage them to do better. I am not a strategic thinker and not good in communicator (Strategic Thinking and Influencing), these are my weaknesses. However, this is an opportunity for me to improve on my weaknesses. Learn to be more focus in the future, be able to communicate my opinions and thoughts better to effectively connect to others. These will help me in the future to be a better
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