NOW Vs Schlafly

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The role of women in society for both NOW and Schlafly was defined by the each thought women’s main goal in life was. NOW believed this to be able to ‘develop to their fullest human potential.’ This meant no choosing between motherhood and a potential profession. This also meant that women should not be limited by the expectation that a women must retire to raise their children. They argued for the institution of child-care centers and programs that would help women who chose to temporarily leave the workforce re-enter with something other than an entry level position. Schlafly argued that women’s goal was ‘to love and be loved’ or to have a family and children. She backed her argument up with how women can achieve this goal quicker than men even who instead ’search 30 to 40 years for accomplishment in their profession.’ NOW wanted women in professions and wanted them have a sense of fulfillment from it. They wanted to see girls interested in their abilities and education and women entering colleges and the professional field. They wanted to see women their for work and skills and not simply as the ‘token appointment’ in various unnecessary positions for show. Women being in the workforce were not a priority for Schlafly. She thought it should be something only considered once women had first fulfilled their duty as mother. Schlafly…show more content…
Statement of Purpose for The National Organization for Women focuses on women’s rights in the workforce, education, and matters related that. Something that even Phyllis Schlafly admitted was what ‘all women favor.’ NOW attempted to make itself as broad as possible to attract as large an audience as they could. They did not mention anything to do with reproduction rights or sexual freedom and they were careful when writing of women as
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