NSA Pros And Cons

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What makes you a stalker? Is it by watching others? Do you know too much of a person without them even knowing you? Or are the type of stalker that stalker people through the Social network? The NSA is an organization that keeps an eye on all of us though software and device that are meant to hack our own. These devices they use are able to hack through the camera and the microphone that are install in our phone computer, video game and more. The congress should limit the action of NSA. How do we know someone is watching us through the internet, camera, Social Media and other technological resources? If we continue to allow the use of espionage devices or software from the NSA; then we’ll be watched and information will leak out. We must stop…show more content…
Leading some political people to either be cautious of every step they took or to just retire from the current position they had. Now the government is a very important position that not everyone is in but even so we as regular people have it tough too. In online website because the NSA is trained to hack into our devices how do we know that our identity is being stolen while we’re putting our information into the computer? Due to technology advancing identity theft has become more common. If we continue the use of the NSA’s device we lose our privacy. NSA is always listening, but who is listening in on them. The NSA may be used to listen on people living normal lives, but they don’t know if someone from the organization is an info broker or someone is silently is cracking into the servers without being notice by the firewalls or protect that is installed into the device. These info brokers may sell our identities to people we don’t want them to have and may just use the information collected by the NSA to know where to have a terrorist attack. If Edwin Snowden was able to crack into the phone of the political people how do we know if we’re actually
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