NT1330 Unit 1 Assignment

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Back in 2013, our organization decided to purchase and implement the latest software that was available which was promised to better serve our types of industry. It was one of the biggest financial investment that our company made anticipating reasonable production and performance returns within a year of implementation the new system. It has been nearly three years that we have not yet utilized 50 % of the performances that was promised. In fact this upgrading took us back by requiring us to do some manual work because we can 't do what we were able do with our old system. Although several factors played in this circumstance. One of the main issue was the lack of communication and understanding between the key decision makers and IT team. These two parties were very disconnected in…show more content…
Because the employees ' roles were not identified appropriately, individuals were not able to have the level of access they should have. Which wasted lots of time, affected our customer services, production and several deadlines. Once accessing issue was resolved, some of the functionality were not available because of it was not requested during the configuration process. Addition financial investment was made to add the most important functions and few others were not. Two of the latest function and upgrades that we paid for that we also pay yearly licensing and update fees, we have not still utilized the functions because of the incompatibility of our server. This software was a 10 to 15 years investment for the company; unfortunately, everyone hates this system and is frustrated for not doing the job effectively. Our organization is dealing with difficult situation where it is too late to go back to the old functional system and it is very expensive to move forward with full functionality. We are currently manage the issue by paying for enhancement for things that we must have and using alternative system for the ones we

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