NT1330 Unit 3 Assignment

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I would have the manager draw up a questioner that would cover all the aspects of the project the want done. All issues that are experiencing with their present system, and what additional tasks as well as any security issues they have had in the past. I would require on the questioner that the access privileges be explained. After reviewing the questioner I would require an onsite interview with the IT staff with the person that filled out questioner present. In that way the job expectations can be clearly explained before a drafting the project details. I would submit the project to the client for final approval and scheduling. I would require the use of software system only to avoid compatibility or version problems. It they must only upgrade do other system requirements I would require the technical and manager use the final approval plan to redesigning a working system in the lab before a live presentation for the client and It staff of what, when, how, why and try it now. If they approve I would not allow any changes unless there is a failure in the efferent operation of the design. I would also require addition time and cost coverage it the problem is not with our design.…show more content…
I would require software for project management to be used on a daily basis so job details and change are added to the right job and the managers can be advised any additional details of their

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