NUR 201 Course Analysis

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Objective: At the end of the NUR 201 course, students will be able to outline and analyze the implication of societal directions and social determinants of health on the health of unique, families, groups, and communities (Iwasiw & Goldenberg, 2015). This course objective will provide trends and relevant information about health promotion. It makes nursing students to know and understand what is the purpose of the health promotion and caring. In this case, this course objective is necessary in nursing curriculum because it makes nurses or nursing students to encourage and empowering individual, families, groups, and communities to engage in immunization program, weight loss programs, or any other programs related with the health promotion. The operation of promoting the health of unique, families, collection, and communities is an integral component of professional nursing practice (Iwasiw & Goldenberg, 2015). It supplies a philosophical and theoretical foundation for understanding family and community health problems and…show more content…
It is favorable influence behavior of the unique, families, and communities. This objective might solve health problems in the community. It might make nursing students provides adequate advice and information about food, fat, cigarette smoking, alcohol, and regular exercise. This course objective might make behavior change and community change. Also, it can prevent disease or infections. According to the above analyze and description, this objective is appropriate in NUR 201. Reference Iwasiw, C., Goldenberg, D. (2015). Creating courses for an evidence-informed, context-relevant, unified curriculum. (Eds.), Curriculum development in nursing education (pp. 314-316). I have neither given nor received, nor have I tolerated others ' use of unauthorized aid. Mohsin
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