NY Yankees Research Paper

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Without a doubt, the NY Yankees are the most successful and storied MLB team in history. Everyone knows the team and that includes non-baseball fans. Just take a stroll through any world city and you 'll eventually see their iconic logo donning the head of someone. Despite their universal popularity, there are still some facts you may not know. So to clear things up, here are 20 of them. 1. THE NY YANKEES USED TO BE THE ORIOLES Today, NY and Baltimore are fierce rivals in the American League East. However, they have more in common they one would think. New York actually started as the Baltimore Orioles in 1901. 2. THE NY YANKEES USED TO BE CALLED THE HIGHLANDS Speaking of the Orioles, once they were sold to New York, they took the name "Highlanders". However, this changed in 1913 to the name we all know and love (or hate if you 're a Red Sox fan).…show more content…
3. THE NY YANKEES DOMINATE THE HALL OF FAME Being a storied franchise of over a century year old means NY has a lot of stars. How many exactly? 44. Yes, 44 players in the Hall of Fame and that 's only growing. 4. THE NY YANKEES HAVE MANY NICKNAMES The Bronx Bombers, the Bronx Zoo, the Yanks, the PinStripes and of course, the Evil Empire. The team goes by many names. Hence, proving just how popular they are. 5. JOE DIMAGGIO MARRIED MARILYN MONROE In the 1950 's, Joe Dimaggio and Marilyn Monroe were probably the two biggest names in America. It 's only fitting they married. However, like most celebrity marriages, the two eventually divorced. 6. NY YANKEES DECADES OF
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