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Minority New Yorkers on a daily basis have experienced the negative actions of the NYPD by simply walking or driving. This would not be considered suspicious if you were not a minority male. Families never have an opportunity to feel safe when their male family members leave their home because of the actions of the NYPD officers. There are more than 179 cases of unarmed victims killed by the police (Kerby,2012). Improving the relationships of the minority communities and the NYPD is very important to strengthen New York City and combat crime.
If minorities New Yorkers are able to believe the criminal justice system is here to “Protect and Serve” our communities than it is possible for everyone to work together. We must rebuild the relationship
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The whole incident was caught on video, the officer dropped this man to the ground as he kept repeating “I can’t breathe”. They never removed the cuffs and when EMS came though he was not moving the cops never made any effort to help. Why would people of color not be angry? The actions against minority civilians by the police have been caught on camera. Yet they are still proven innocent in the court of law. How can there be any sense of trust? When you know there is a great possibility of you being hurt by those that are said to “Serve and Protect” New York City. Or does this “Serve and Protect” apply to only a selected…show more content…
There is evidence that shows minorities officers that were off-duty had been stopped, guns pulled out on them, being put in police vans like any other minority. When the officers of these incidents made reports to their superiors, they were backlashed for their reporting-denied overtime, promotions choice of assignments. And others refused to make complaints because of actions taken against their fellow minority officers. Minority officers feel the same as any other minority that has to deal with racial profiling. They are not safer because the carry the NYPD badge and identify themselves as one of New York City finest (Kerby, 2012). American Civil Liberties Union of New York State have workshops for New Yorkers explaining to civilians’ civil liberties and civil rights issues. These workshops give the participants the opportunities to discuss their own or family members’ experiences with the NYPD. There is also a “Stop and Frisk Watch” app for phones which monitors police activity by a bystander observing the conduct of the police. The app also explains people rights when confronted by the police and triggers an alert community residents and leaders of someone being stop and the vicinity where it is happening (New York Police Department,

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