NYPD Red 3: Book Review

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Book Review: NYPD Red 3 April Smolkowicz Georgia Gwinnett College Upon reading the fiction book NYPD Red 3, authors James Paterson and Marshall Karp deliver an intense story where two of NYPD’s Red finest detectives, Zack Jordan and his newly assigned partner and ex-girlfriend, Kylie MacDonald investigate the murders of four bodies in four days, but only two heads (Patterson & Karp, 2015, p.339). What exactly was Project Gutenberg? Where was there money to be made? What did this mean when Irene said,” they made money in the wake of all that suffering (Patterson & Karp, p.274).” What was the top secret that no one should have been able to find out? On a cold New Year’s Day in New York City NYPD’s Red division was
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