Naacp Case Study

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Since 1909
The NAACP is a non profit organization that deal with minorities in hate crimes, help with financial aid for college and racial profiling that aid people who fall into this group. Donating money to the NAACP would be donating to the people who have been discriminated against and can 't do anything because of their financial background, for the people who have bad health programs because of their financial situation.
Would you discriminate against someone because they don 't look the same as you? In 1954 african americans were just beginning to be able to go into schools that were in suburbs primarily for whites. The case Brown vs. Board is an example of the NAACP aiding minorities when they were being discriminated against. In
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Throughout history african americans who received college educations where either from families with old money or where athletes there were many kids that were qualified to go to college but did not have the money and because they did not have it they shorted themselves. When you donate to the NAACP you are not only helping against hate crimes but also to that kid who didnt have the financial aid or background to put themselves through a highly regarded college with high tuitions.

The NAACP helps african americans who are in jobs who don 't come with health programs. They help find programs for people who are in situations and also give people guidance to programs around there area through the HYPE program. This program does tours to colleges and universities around the united states. Also they have the black church and hiv which is a program with faith leaders and religious institutions that help raise awareness to end the HIV epidemic in Black America.

When you think of discrimination in america you should think of the NAACP because of the programs and the long history they have with standing up from people who are discriminated against. From standing up in court for african american rights to health programs the NAACP is the movement you should move with
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