Naaman's Healing Analysis

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Naaman 's Healing

Several thousand years ago, back before the French horn and the catapult had been created, and when people still used spears and arrows for battle, there was the country of Syria. This country was very distinguished from the others because right now it was at its acme and was achieving great military success. Throughout its battles its soldiers showed how brave and powerful they could become, and at the head of them was a man called Naaman.

Now just like the country, this man was no ordinary man. He was a very honorable man, a man of great valor and courage. A man you knew and could trust that he would lead his troops to victory and wouldn’t fly from a fight. It was mostly because of him that Syria was experiencing such
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He gave the king the letter and expected a quick answer so he could be back in his own country away from the lowly Israelites. But when the king read the letter, he excused himself and when he was out of earshot he started bemoaning his situation. He tore his clothes and pondered why the king of Syria would want to pick a fight with him. How was he supposed to heal someone of their leprosy. “Does this man think I 'm God, thinking I can cure his leprosy. What does the king of Syria have against me. Why would he want to wage a war with me. Does he want more of my lands, I am in no way prepared to fight and am no match for the mighty Syrian army.” When word of the king 's situation got out, it traveled all the way to a humble little shack of a prophet named Elisha. After hearing about the king 's problem, Elisha told the king that he would take care of this man and that there was no need to panic. At this the king gladly got Naaman off his hands and sent him on to…show more content…
But one of his servants, a wise and faithful man, came to him and asked him, “My father, if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, wouldest thou not have done it? How much rather then, when he saith to thee, Wash and be clean?” This simple question struck the great captain and caused him to rethink his decision on the prophets answer. He decided to do as the prophet had told him and wash in the murky, foul-smelling Jordan river. So he went down to the river and waded into it until he could immerse himself with water. He dipped himself a few times and looked to see any sign of his leprosy receding, but each time he was the same as before. Finally after the seventh time he looked at himself and noticed that there wasn 't even a spot of leprosy left on him. His skin was like that of a child; he was now completely clean and cured of
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