Naba Zid-Wentdé Cosmological Theory

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The Cosmologist of “The Naba Zid-Wendé” Humans all over the world and at all time periods have wondered everything about the creation of the world. This phenomenon - the unity of personal thoughts all around the globe - is known as the collective unconscious, as mentioned in “The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Metaphor as Myth and as Religion” reviewed by Robert A. Segal. The functions of myths are mystical, cosmological, sociological, and psychological. The myth of the “Naba Zid-Wendé” serves a cosmological function due to its elements. All myths have specific elements that pertain to that function; the elements of the cosmological function are as follows: “Because there is an INNER eye, THEN ALL things come together. People’s mythology…show more content…
Frederic Guirma starts out the myth by saying, “In the beginning there was no earth, no day or night, and not even time itself,” which proves that it is a creation myth (Guirma 1). The myth explains what happens after there was absolutely nothing on earth or in the universe. The myth also explains why there is lava at the bottom of volcanoes. It combines the beginning of volcanoes with the beginning of lepers. A clear indication that a myth serves a cosmological function is when it gives a vivid, clear, and explicit imagery of how something came to be. It says, “The humans dug under the mountains, but they only found a leper living there,” then continues to explain that, “This leper, however, was really the fire, and he soon burst into flames;” these quotes explain why lava (fire) is at the bottom of mountains, volcanoes, and ultimately the earth (volcanoes) and where lepers originated (1). The fire and volcano imagery is insight because it gives a clever and memorable story to why lava and magma are at the bottom of volcanoes - this is special information that the Mossi people would value but would not be blunt, therefore insight. The inner eye through the Naba Zid-Wendé explains how all things in the universe can come together
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