Nacirema Tribe Analysis

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They perform rituals that allow man to avoid these characteristics in the course of

the powerful influences of the ceremony. A shrine is dedicated to practice the rituals. An

interesting point the author made was how the tribes base their rank. Rather than having more

wealth they focus more on how many shrines are in ones house; the more shrine the more power.

Wealth doesn’t bring serenity compared to how health does. I agree with the culture and how

they view this as an influential way to seek improvement and bring peace to one’s mind. Every

culture has a different system in finding serendipity. However, as the author continues his

research and finds out more in depth of what these rituals are consisted of and the methodology

is shocking. A
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The members

of the clan go through an agonizing process that tortures the client’s mouth to rid all evil from

entering. Oddly enough this practice is not effective but the people of the Nacirema continue to

keep their customs and traditions alive. The ethics and morality of the tribe might be questioned

by the norms of society. Most can disagree that the trials are abhorrent and can lead to serious

health problems. As the anthropologist continues his research he learns about more of the

passage of rites these members practice. Sadly enough the ceremonies the tribe members have to

go through intensify for the body and mind taking a physical and mental toll. I think it’s

shocking how this culture is even surviving after what they go through. This text helped me

grasp a better understanding of how a tribe can withstand so much pain and suffrage but still

carries on. Ultimately, I really enjoyed reading about the Nacirema and their exclusive traditions.

Also I enjoyed the research conducted, however, it would have been interesting to learn about

their physical appearance, environment, social skills, roles, and how they acquire
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