Nada Sawy Analysis

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This article is about young lady name Nada Sawy that’s been mistake to be terrorist because she Egyptian- American and Muslim. She graduate college with a degree in journalism where she write news stories but her biggest news story she wrote was about the 911 that happen in New York City. Nada mention that people don’t know that Islam is a peaceful religion and how beautiful it can be. The book talked about this family that came to visit the Middle East but they had no background knowledge about the Middle East people and after they visit they still didn’t have a clear understanding about religion. Nada just want America to get know Islam religion because she want people to know that Muslims are not terrorist that they regular people like…show more content…
In the book she talked about how Islamic school was covered with bloody pork chops and pelted with rocks after the 911 incident, but Nada want people to know that her religion don’t mean terrorist but mean patience, harmony and understanding. Most Americans see people from different country we judge them as terrorist or something but that’s not true. The reason I say that because everybody not terrorist and some people might not even come from the same background. How I feel that before people get judge one race or culture we need spend more time getting know that person or culture. The reason I say that because people have they stereotype against black people that we are lazy and all we do is steal, but that’s not true because we hard working people just like everybody else.

2. When World Trade Center towers collapsed, the first thing came my mind was how they got over here and why our security was not up to part. Walking in the grocery story it was Muslim lady at the counter at first I stared at her because I thought she was rude or didn’t like black people. I stopped and had talk with her so from my own perception they are nicest people that I came across because they so humble and they will answers any questions that you want to know about they religion. I never had nothing against Muslims because you can’t hold everybody against what Osama Bin Laden
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